Talcyon Tube Sheet Mapping

Tube Mapping Solution (TMS) is a software solution designed specifically to produce an accurate layout and labelling of tubes on a tube sheet. Collectively needed for tube inspection and maintenance reporting, TMS offers user-friendly features that allow companies to carry out their reporting faster and more efficiently.

TMS tube mapping software
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We have a fully developed software solution for you. Don’t waste time and resources by developing your own software. Use ours!

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Our software is flexible and able to be integrated into your inspection workflow. We are also able to link our software with your hardware.

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Cut down manual tube mapping time with our software solution. Makes your operators job easier, increase productivity and efficiency!

Quick Mapping from Photograph or Schematic Drawings

TMS offers multiple detection methods of tubes such as using a photograph or schematic drawings. Custom maps can also be made using rows and columns function. Further editing tools are also available to fine tune mapped tubes.

quick tube mapping from photographs and schematic drawings
selection and zoning tool for TMS

Useful tools for map building

Custom map building allows for creation of tubes in various angles (45, 90, 30 and 60 degrees). Selection tools, mirroring function and zones creation are some of the convenient tools available to build your tube map with ease.

User-friendly. Simple tools.

A simple tutorial is all you need to start using TMS. All features and tools in TMS is easy to understand and strait-forward. Waste no more time using complex softwares which will only prolong your inspection work and start using TMS. 

simple tools and function in TMS

Integratable reporting capabilities for tube inspection works

TMS provides integrative reporting capabilities with our own reporting software, TMR.

Besides that, TMS is also integrable with the popular reporting software, CARTO.

TMS tube mapping software

What other innovative features can you expect?

Build your tube map quickly with TMS. Some of our other notable features include but not limited to:

  • Quick mapping of tube sheets of over 10,000 tubes.
  • Colour coding tool
  • Mini-map for easier navigation for large tube maps
  • Integration with Reporting Functionalities – works hand-in-hand with Talcyon’s Reporting Solution (TMR, a software to translate inspection data into presentable and easy-to-read reports). Find out more about TMR here.
  • Integration with the popular reporting software, CARTO.

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