Talcyon Facility Inspection Solution using TMR

TMR is an end-to-end inspection software solution which integrates with the hardware of inspection equipments. This incorporation creates a simpler workflow for inspection jobs from creation of inspection layout, inspection data management, automated graphs and charts, and report generation, thus, increasing productivity.

facility inspection floor plan with pins
talcyon mapping reporting
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We have a fully developed software solution for you. You only have to integrate your inspection equipment with our software and you are good to go.

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Our software is efficient, flexible and applicable across various industries. Optimising workflow to maximise the strength of your inspection equipment.

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Simplify work processes into a single workflow for smarter and faster inspection results. Improve data management, storage and representation.

Rapid Mapping of Inspection Floor Plan, Network Map, etc.

Quickly map out your entire inspection area with pins to make your inspection process easier. This is very suitable for huge floor plans and network plans which requires the operator to move from one area to another.

A further inspection list can be created within an inspection area. Save time on manual listing with a pen and paper and start digitalizing your inspection work method.

mapping of floor plan and underground network

What other innovative features can you expect?

Upgrade your inspection quality with TMR. Some of our other notable features include but not limited to:

talcyon mapping reporting

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